Strategnos: Building Business Through Strategy, Knowledge & Technology

Strategnos is a management consulting company with a core focus on implementing Business and Supply Chain Solutions. We seek to build your business through integration of Strategy and Knowledge, on the premise that no one knows your strategy or business better than you do. With a strong capability in understanding an organisation’s strategy and its core purpose, we provide the necessary solutions and support. Strategic execution however cannot be successful in the absence of knowledge. Strategnos prides itself in its ability to acquire the necessary specific knowledge to develop practical solutions and apply these to the issue at hand.

Our 3 Key Business Units are:

  1. Cold Chain and Temperature Management Solutions
  2. Management Consulting
  3. Compliance

Strategnos is a South African based company which executes projects across multiple geographies.

Our team is well versed in engaging with teams from various geographies and cultural backgrounds.

We execute our projects remotely or onsite depending on the project requirements.

In particular, Strategnos is an industry leader in Cold Chain and Temperature Management of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. We consistently strive to maintain our methods to the highest global standards while considering local regulations and guidelines on a project specific basis. As we execute our projects in multiple geographies we are able to consolidate our knowledge and methods to the highest standard.

Our specific temperature management solutions are:

  1.  Validation and Qualification
  2. Executed in accordance with Local Regulatory Standards (SAHPRA, SAPC) and International Guidelines and Best Practice (WHO, ISPE, PIC/S, GAMP, CFR 21 Part 11) and include:
  3. Temperature Mapping
  4. Insulated Container Design, Testing and Development
  5. Temperature Monitoring
  6. Cold Chain Cost Optimization
  7. Risk-based Route and Lane Assessment
  8. Risk Assessment and Management
  9. Calibration
  10. Training
  11. Consulting