Dr Angelique Coetzee

Dr A Coetzee served in various chairperson roles over the years of which the latest was as the National Chairperson of the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

Important committees and chairperson roles in which I served were inter alia:

The lead person of Pillar 5 of the Joint Technical Monitoring and EvaluationCommittee of Presidential Health Compact. 2018-2022
Chair of the World Medical Association (WMA) Advocacy and Communication Panel l(2021 – 2022).

SAMA’s Chair Representative on the Coalition of African National Medical Associations (CANMA)

Chairperson Ministerial Medical Task Team on Internal and External Deployment,Department of Defence for the citizens of South Africa and medical practitioners.

SAMA representative on the PPS and FPD board 2018-2022

Vice chair for the Medical Advisory Committee Parole Board

Represented SAMA at various national and international forums and stakeholders Serving as a board member on various boards as to improve and promote health

Acting as GM at South African Medical Association 2013-2014